Standardization in international marketing strategy is

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What Is Global Standardization in Marketing?

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What Is Global Standardization in Marketing?

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Standardization Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Goals Before developing a thesaurus marketing strategy that can be included to all markets, a company should engage its goals. Keywords: International marketing; Globalization; Standardization; Adaptation; Marketing Strategy; Marketing mix; INTRODUCTION In last few decades competition has been increased marketing strategy at the international level is a at the international level due to the liberalization vital area of research for both the academicians of the trade policy, ease in monetary exchange and for the practitioners.

Standardization and international uniformity has many advantages. For one, people can expect the same level of quality of any specific brand anywhere around the world.

Standardization also supports positive consumer perceptions of a product (Products and International Marketing, n.a). This research paper examines the issues of standardization (global strategy) and adaptation (customization) in global marketing strategy and suggests methods that can guide multinational companies compete effectively and efficiently within the international markets.

standardization of products and international marketing strategy facilitates the realization of economies of scale in production and marketing, Levitt argued that firms must pursue a standardized product and international marketing strategy to be successful in the global market.

Before developing a standard marketing strategy that can be applied to all markets, a company should identify its goals.

While the ultimate goal is, of course, to generate revenue, the company should give thought as to what message it wants to send to consumers across all markets about the company.

Despite 40 years of debate on international marketing strategy standardization vs adaptation, extant empirical research is too fragmented to yield clear insights.

Standardization in international marketing strategy is
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