Scientific inquiry and naive inquiry

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Models of scientific inquiry

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Magical Thinking, Yoga And Internal Inquiry

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Scientific Calendar

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Good science starts with a question. Using inquiry science, children discover answers to their questions in the same way that scientists do — with experiments, predictions, observations, and conjectures.


These principles cut across two dimensions of the scientific enterprise: the creativity, expertise, communal values, and good judgment of the people who “do” science; and generalized guiding principles for scientific inquiry.

connection between scientific inquiry and nature of science, scientific inquiry focuses on processes of inquiry whereas nature of science focuses on the product of inquiry (Schwartz et al.

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Systematic Inquiry in Library and Information Science We have seen that an important way of developing new knowledge is scientific method, which we have earlier equated with careful problem solving, i.e., with systematic inquiry. Naïve Inquiry Chronic conditions are long lasting with persistent effects.

Their social and economic consequences can impact on a person’s quality of life, place a significant burden on individual people and carers, and the healthcare system.

Scientific inquiry and naive inquiry
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