Oxford mphil international relations thesis

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International Relations MPhil

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The MPhil in International Relations is a two-year (month) course which offers intellectually rigorous training in the recent history of world politics, and in the theoretical or conceptual study of international relations, as well as the appropriate research methods. The MPhil in International Relations and Politics is a ten-month full-time course offered by the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS).

It is designed to meet the needs of all those who wish to enhance their understanding of international relations and politics at graduate level. The MPhil in International Relations is a two-year (month) course which offers intellectually rigorous training in the recent history of world politics, theoretical approaches to the study of IR, and a plurality of research methods.

About the course. The MPhil in International Relations is a two-year (month) course which combines intellectually rigorous training in theoretical and conceptual approaches to international relations with the study of the recent history of world politics, as well as providing methodological training and personalised guidance for the production of high.

Oxford IR seeks to combine the best of North American political science with deep engagement with the international relations of different parts of the world and with the history of different traditions of thought on the subject.

Oxford mphil international relations thesis
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