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International Trade Simulation Essay

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International Trade Simulation The simulation that we worked on for the Internatonal trade assignment involved four countires; Rodamia, Uthania, Suntize, and Alfazin Words; 4 Pages; Attack On World Trade Center Terrorism is the bug of 21 century.

Throughout history it has appeared in many various ways: hijacked planes, ships, trains. Simulation Summary In the International Trade simulation, you are the Trade Representative of a small country called Rodamia.

You are introduced to international trade--the theory of comparative advantage and the impact of tariffs, quotas, and dumping on international trade (Applying International. Overall, the story in this simulation has cast me in the role of the Trade Representative of Rodamia, where my office develops and coordinates international trade and investment policies, and leads negotiations with other countries.

In this international trade simulation, I have been assigned the role of Chief Trade Advisor to the President of Rodamia. In this position, I am tasked with developing and coordinating international trade, investment policies, and lead the negotiations with other countries surrounding Rodamia.

Overall, the story in this simulation has cast me in the role of the Trade Representative of Rodamia, where my office develops and coordinates international trade and investment policies, and leads negotiations with other countries on above mentioned subjects. International Trade Rodamia shares its borders with three countries Uthania, Alfasia, and Suntize and has begun considering the possibilities of trade with them.

Rodamia is a large country, the largest compared to its neighbors in terms of area, population, and level of economic development.

International Trade: Rodamia International trade simulation rodamia trade essay
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