Internal and external analysis multichoice nasper

REPORT OF THE audit committee

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Governance and risk

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EFF REJECTS INTERNAL PROBE ON MULTICHOICE IN FAVOUR OF AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION. Friday, December 1, The EFF rejects Multichoice's decision to conduct an internal probe into allegations of bribery by its executives to the Gupta family and Minister Muthambi by paying ANN7 more than it is required.

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My Portfolio. These reports are damaging to the reputation of MultiChoice and Naspers and, if true, expose the group to potential legal sanction.

The internal and external auditors, in their capacity as auditors to the group, attended and reported at all meetings of the audit committee.

Cover stories as effective contrarian African context Mahomed Ahmed Moolla

The group risk management function was also represented. Executive directors and relevant senior managers attended meetings by invitation. MULTICHOICE SOUTH AFRICA HOLDINGS PROPRIETARY LIMITED REPORT OF THE AUDIT COMMITTEE for the year ended 31 March ATTENDANCE The internal and external auditors, in their capacity as auditors to the group, attended and reported at all meetings of the audit.

Governance for a sustainable business.

Pamphlet Distribution

Naspers has a primary listing on the JSE Limited (JSE). The company is therefore subject to the Listings Requirements of the JSE, the guidelines in the King Code and Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa (King III), as well as legislation applying to publicly listed companies in South Africa.

Following the demutualisation of the Old Mutual Society ina holding company, Old Mutual plc, was established for the Group and listed on the London, Johannesburg.

Internal and external analysis multichoice nasper
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