An analysis of the concept of harmonization of international accounting standards

Harmonization of Accounting Standards

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Harmonization of Accounting Standards

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In this release, we meet a number of arguments related to the infrastructure for detailed quality financial reporting. International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC), now International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) came into existence as a result of an agreement by 16 accounting bodies representing 9 nations, i.e., Canada, Australia, France.

May 15,  · Concept is more popular than standardization to bridge the wide variety of accounting standards in different countries is the concept of harmonization. Harmonization of accounting standards is defined as minimizing the differences in accounting standards in various countries (Iqbal, ).

The harmonization of accounting standards: The EEC's experience of harmonization in light of the fourth directive. In H.

Abbott (Ed.), Standard setting for financial reportingn international conference sponsored by the American Accounting Association with KlynveldMain Goerdler (pp. ). Result: The international harmonisation of Accounting Standards is a process, which brings international Accounting Standards into some sort of agreement, in order to achieve a common set of Accounting principles.

European companies have to use the International Accounting Standards (IAS) in the European Union (EU), beginning. from harmonization to the accounting normalization and now, we are moving from normalization to the accounting standardization.

The objective of this research is to analyze studies on the international. In practice, harmonization of accounting standards tends to mean the process of increasing the compatibility of accounting practices by setting bounds for the degree of variations.

This can be accepted to be the most suitable definition of the concept.

An analysis of the concept of harmonization of international accounting standards
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Comparability in International Accounting Standards