A history of the scientific theory of eugenics

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Timeline of Scientific Racism

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Social Darwinism, the popular theory in the late 19th century that life for humans in society was ruled by “survival of the fittest,” helped advance eugenics into serious scientific study in the early s.

the s often had chapters touting the scientific progress to be made from applying eugenic principles to the population. Many early scientific journals focusing on heredity in plants and lower organisms were published by eugenicists and included “scientific” articles on human eugenics-promoting studies of.

Pseudo-scientific racism and Social Darwinism

An English mathematician, Francis Galton, sought to "solve" the problem of those deemed undesirable in this country in developing the pseudo-scientific theory of Eugenics-.

Once the theory of an armchair population biologist, eugenics too quickly transmogrified into a racist and harmful evidence base for ridding nations of those the dominant society did not like or.

An English mathematician, Francis Galton, sought to "solve" the problem of those deemed undesirable in this country in developing the pseudo-scientific theory of Eugenics-.

Eugenics is a more extreme form of Social Darwinism, which is linked to the racist doctrines of Nazi Germany. Eugenics was one of the pillars of Nazi ideology, and in Nazi Germany state-run eugenics programs were practiced.

A history of the scientific theory of eugenics
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What is Eugenics?: Eugenics Project: A Documentary History, UVM